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Prednisone suppresses immunity and prevents inflammation. It’s a corticosteroid that treats arthritis, vision issues, cancer, skin issues, serious allergies, breathing issues, and blood disorders. You can find it under various brand names: Orapred, Pediapred, Bubbli-Pred, and Millipred DP. It is available only when you present a prescription. The dosage forms include: • Dissolving tablet • Syrup • Tablet • Suspension


Instructions for Use

It is important to follow a doctor’s directive when consuming the drug. The physician may change your dose at intervals if you suffer stress caused by a surgical procedure, infection, or an ailment. Don’t use the pills longer than required. The medicine is best taken orally with a meal or milk and enough water to avoid stomach cramps. Don’t chew, break, or crush the tablet. If you’re taking the suspension, measure doses with the spoon inside the pack, not your eating spoon. If your prescription says once daily, ensure you take it on or before 9 a.m. The treatment duration depends on the health problem as well as how well you respond to the pills. Adult dose is between 5 to 60 mg daily and could be adjusted later. The pill must be administered to children based on their weight, following the physician’s prescription. The usual dosage is between 0.14 – 2 mg per kg per day. It should be shared into 3 or 4 portions. Don’t quit the therapy without seeking counsel from a physician. The health problem may worsen if you quit suddenly. You might also experience the following: • Fatigue • Fainting spells • Muscle aches • Migraine • Motion sickness • General body weakness • Emaciation To prevent the symptoms above, the physician will gradually reduce your dose if you want to quit therapy. Patients who experience new or worse symptoms must report to their doctors immediately. Also, if the condition doesn’t improve, inform your healthcare provider. Additionally, you need to monitor your BP and carry out some blood tests to find out how you are faring. The medicine can give an unusual result during some blood tests, so inform anyone treating you that you are ingesting prednisone. If you’re taking oral antifungals, avoid ingesting prednisone. Although applying topical antifungals won’t present issues, inform the physician about all the drugs you’re consuming before commencing therapy with prednisone. The pill is an immunosuppressant, so you may easily contact an infection. You can prevent this from happening by staying away from people who are ill or infected. Also, avoid vaccination or immunization. Call your doctor immediately if you observe: • Severe mood swings • Blurry vision • Bloody diarrhea • Abdominal pain • Breathlessness In case you miss a dose, take it when you remember. But if the time is close to when you should take the next dose, forget about the one you missed.


Steroid drugs can reduce immunity and expose your system to infections or make an existing illness worse. Before ingesting prednisone, tell the physician about all previous illnesses you’ve suffered, such as: • Diarrhea • Hepatic cirrhosis • Kidney issues • Cardiovascular problems • Thyroid diseases • Malaria • High glucose level • Mental ailment e.g., mood swings, depression, anxiety • Muscle disorder • Gastric ulcers • Eye infections • Tuberculosis • Weak and brittle bones If you continue ingesting steroids over an extended period, they could result in bone loss, particularly in patients who: • Smoke • Don’t exercise regularly • Don’t consume enough calcium and/or vitamin D • Have a history of the medical condition Prednisone can reduce the birth weight of a baby or cause congenital abnormalities if taken within the first three months of pregnancy. Ensure you inform your OB/GYN if you’re already pregnant or want to conceive while taking the drug. If you’re not pregnant but fertile, use an effective method of birth control. The pills can be transferred to breast milk. Therefore, nursing women should avoid taking them. Otherwise, they should make other arrangements to feed the baby if the merits far outweigh the demerits. If a child is ingesting the pill, it may affect their growth. Share all concerns you have about the growth and development of your child with a trained health professional to obtain the necessary help.

Side Effect

A physician will only prescribe this medicine after evaluating that its advantages to you outweigh the risks. Most patients undergo the therapy without experiencing severe side effects. General side effects include: • Nausea • Lack of appetite • Chest pain • Difficulty in sleeping • Profuse sweating • Acne Below are some severe side effects. If you experience any, contact a health professional: • Cramps • Weakness • Swollen feet and hands • Rapid weight gain • Irregular heartbeat • Sore throat • High fever • Blurred vision • Black stools • Abdominal pain • Wounds that do not heal fast • Mood swings • Thinning skin • Changes in menstrual period • Swollen face • Easy bleeding • Seizures The pills may raise your glucose level, thereby, heightening an existing diabetic condition. However, this is rare, but you must inform your physician if you have an increase in thirst and/or urination. Diabetic patients must check their glucose levels frequently and send feedback to their doctors. The diabetes medication may be adjusted, and dieting and exercising may be recommended. Although an extreme allergic reaction is rare, ensure you seek medical assistance if you experience the following symptoms: • Swollen face • Rash • Difficulty in breathing • Extreme fatigue

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