More New Buyer leads
More Qualified Buyers
More sites for New Buyers

We can help.

ParkNation Dealership Program

We provide:

  • Marketing and sales teamwork to bring MORE Pre-qualified Buyers to your dealership – Ready, willing & able to buy
  • Increased Dealer visibility to generate more new buyer opportunities
  • Pre-selected mobile home sites within a local ParkNation Community
How ParkNation can develop business with your Dealership

1. Win-win new business is driven by our professionally trained Sales Team, Selling System and Streamlined Process.
2. More qualified buyers are generated using our targeted Marketing & Advertising Program.
3. Increased visibility and new Buyer leads for your Dealership by utilizing our on-site marketing opportunities.
4. Pre-Qualified Prospects tailored to your Dealership buyer criteria deliver more qualified sales opportunities.
5. Mobile Home sites are provided for each Buyer’s new manufactured home within a local ParkNation Community.
6. Win-win referrals for your Dealership and for our local ParkNation Community are boosted, building a lasting relationship together.

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