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Mobile Home Park Market

There are over 50,000 mobile home parks across the nation while only a handful of real estate management service companies who specialize in mobile home parks. This mobile home park market is a $12B market rising to $20B in the next 3 to 5 years. This market is significantly fragmented which offers an opportunity for ParkNation to consolidate and unify while creating cash-flow and wealth.

Mobile home parks are typically owned and operated by mom & pop operators or investors owning one or multiple parks which creates a fragmented sector of real estate. The current model for acquisitions is to target the older “value-added” mobile home parks in densely populated areas or on the outskirts of same where there is a high job demand and ongoing need for low-income housing. New and used manufactured homes provide a low-cost solution for housing while mobile home parks provide a location for workers, families and other moderate income residents to place their manufactured home and live inexpensively.

ParkNation Offers Mobile Home Park Investment and Management Services

Dynamic changes and growth in our mobile home park business have created additional opportunities. As the other markets continue to fluctuate, demand for affordable housing is rising, and the mobile home park business stronger than ever. The opportunities include:

o The fragmented market presents the opportunity to consolidate individual mobile home park assets under one brand which creates continuity and provides investment accessibility previously not available.
o The disposition and capacity necessary to successfully manage the mobile home park environment is very limited in the market.
o Financing restrictions and limited inventory are driving families to manufactured housing
o Current market values of lot rentals are undervalued while there is underlying dilemma with the concept of a manufactured mobile home.

ParkNation’s effective management program and extensive knowledge will capture and capitalize on these opportunities.

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