Property Management Services and Deliverables

Initial Property Assessment Package
  • Standard Checklist/Property Evaluation
  • Established As-Is Pre-ParkNation Baseline
  • Create Adjusted Pre-ParkNation Baseline as basis for future reporting and profit sharing
  • List of Key Measures
  • Produce Financial budget/Target based on proprietary ParkNation Management Methods and best practices
  • Mobile Home Park Management
  • Tenant Management
  • Tenant Screening
  • Tenant Contract Management
  • Provide Professional Experienced Park Manager
  • Screen/Train Existing Manager, Manager & Supervise on-site Employees
  • Rent Payments
  • Secure Payment Collections and Deposits
  • Payment Enforcement, Collections and Evictions
  • Utility Management
  • On-site inspection Process/Rules & Regulations Enforcement
  • Inventory Control and Purchasing
  • Managing Vendors and Independent Contractors
  • Manage Deferred Maintenance and Capital Improvements
  • Manage & Maintain Permits from Regulatory Authorities
  • Bill Payments
Financing and Accounting
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Financial Assessment and Baseline Establishment
    • Review and Analyze Current Books
    • Assessment of Differed Maintenance Items
    • Assessment of Capital Improvements
      • Short-term Capital Improvements
      • Long-term Capital Improvements
    • Establish & Agree to with owner on 1 year budget and baseline
    • Establish and agree to with owner on 3 year budget and baseline
    • 1 to 3 year budget must show net profit or the contract will be subject to a higher management fee and/or subject to exclusion of capital expenditure for profit sharing calculations (pre-contract assessment)
  • Establish an Operating account for the mobile home park(s) under a fiduciary relationship where ParkNation is the Trustee and the Mobile Home Park Owner is the Benefactor. All the deposits, expenses and cash-flow shall be managed out of this operating account.
  • Accounting
    • Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable
    • Record monthly Transactions
    • Vendor Management
    • Intercompany Invoices/Billing
    • Detailed Cash-Flow analysis
    • Budgeting & Forecasting
    • Facilitate and Review Financial Reports
  • Independent 3rd Party Bookkeeping
    • Account Reconciliation
    • Produce Financial Reporting
      • Reporting made available to owners online
    • Tax Preparation
  • Annual Planning & Review with Owner (sign off past performance/future plan)
  • Profit sharing shall be based on the accrual based P&L or cash-flow from operations
Business Development, Marketing and Sales
  • B-C Sales Program
  • Comprehensive Marketing & Advertising
  • Sales Call Center
  • Manufactured Home Dealership Program Aligning Prospect Tenants, Park Vacancies and Dealer Inventory
  • Website advertising
  • Dedicated Manager – Sellers


  • Property Management
    • Rent Rolls
    • Occupancy and Inventory Dashboard
    • Sales Dash Board
  • Finance and Accounting
    • Inter-company Receivables
    • Monthly Cumulative P&Ls per Park and per company
    • Quarterly Summary P&Ls per Park and per company
    • Quarterly Balance Sheet
    • Budget Vs. Actual
    • Monthly Cash-Flow Analysis
  • Owners provided limited access to bank account(s) able to see transactions and create reports
  • Management Review
    • Report Review & Status
    • Analysis
    • Projection including next period actions and budget


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