Do You Want a High Rate of Return On Your Investment?

Do You Want To Invest In An Income Producing Mobile Home Park?

Do You Want To Invest In a Cash Cow?

Do You Want Mailbox Money?

ParkNation offers the opportunity to invest in Mobile Home Parks.

  • High rates of return
  • Ownership in a fragmented asset class historically unavailable to individual investors
  • Underperforming/value added mobile home parks
    o High cash flow assets
    Substantial increase in cash flow
    o Substantial increase in capital appreciation
  • ParkNation professional management services
    o Transform underperforming assets into high performing cash flow assets
    o Stabilization and effective mobile home park management provides for (or creates) sustainable long-term returns
  • Expanding into and consolidating an inefficient and fragmented market provides for additional substantial upside of capital appreciation
  •  Favorable tax benefits
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