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Mobile Home Park Market

There are 38,000 mobile home parks across the nation and a large majority are not achieving their potential.

Managing mobile home parks can be overwhelming. The majority of mobile home parks are managed by individual owners without the resources to effectively manage them.

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Whether you have one or more mobile home parks, ParkNation offers turn-key mobile home park management solutions and can help.

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  • Does managing your mobile home park intrude into your personal time? Are you tired of chasing late rent and dealing with difficult tenants?
  • Need relief from repeated lease violators?
  • Want to raise the rent but you’re concerned about harming tenant relationships?


How ParkNation can develop business with your Dealership:

1. Win-win new business is driven by our professionally trained Sales Team, Selling System and Streamlined Process.
2. More qualified buyers are generated using our targeted Marketing & Advertising Program.